TitleV’taph – Children of the Holocaust
Item #P020
Limited Edition400 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W25” x 20.5”


Of the 6,000,000 Jews murdered by the Nazis during Hitler’s regime in Germany (1931-1945), over 1,000,000 were Jewish babies, infants and children. Innocent toddlers, boys and girls, who never understood the evil events of the Holocaust nightmare, were “exterminated”… and the civilized world stood silently by.

This painting is a commemoration of this horrible and tragic event in history.  I first created a “screen” of 405 Hebrew and Yiddish names of children, alphabetically arranged.  Names given to Jewish children for millennia… even to this day.  CHILDREN OF THE HOLOCAUST… the Moyshe’lach, the Sara’lach, and Shloime’lach, the Chana’les, the Miriam’kes, and Duvid’els … who never had the chance to grow up, to breathe the free air and enjoy childhood pleasures

“Z’CHOR” — Remember,can be seen through this screen, along with bewildered faces of children who met their end at the hands of the Nazis.  Z’CHOR – we must never forget!