TitleV’ahavta 2 (Love Thy Neighbor)
Item #P022
MediumSerigraph in 22 Colors
Limited Edition360 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W20” x 26”


Whether paraphrased by Rabbi Hillel, or adopted as the “Golden Rule,” or reaffirmed by Rabbi Akiva, this comprehensive maxim of morality, of human conduct…stands alone as the essence of all Judaic teachings found in the Torah.

This print was one of Michel’s last two published images, printed and signed while he was in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, which eventually lead to his passing. The image was published once before in a larger size, which sold out many years ago. Due to its popularity the family decided to reprint it in a smaller size. A portion of all revenue from the sale of this print is donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.