TitleT’ka B’shofar
Item #P019
MediumSerigraph in 48 Colors
Limited Edition280 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W28” x 31”


T’ka B’shofar, the ancient yet timeless prayer, part of the High Holy Days services, pleads for that most important human yearning…freedom! It beseeches the Almighty for the ingathering of the Jewish nation to Zion from the four corners of the globe. To bring us up to Jerusalem, the city of the “Beth H’Mikdash”…the Holy Temple…amid songs and great joy.

This rendition, a fascinating blend of the traditional and literal — the Western Wall, heart of Jerusalem and eternal prayer… surrounded by the radiant colors of the contemporary and symbolic… the Jewish people scattered around the world, so very much a part of this ancient landmark.