TitleKol Nidre
Item #P009
MediumLithograph plus Gold Serigraph
Limited Edition270 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W24.5” x 21”


The most soulful introduction to the prayers chanted on the eve of Yom Kippur,The Day of Atonement,which follows ten days of penitence after Rosh Hashana.  Jews beseech God’s annulment of vows and sins that may have been incurred unwittingly, during the year just ended. Kol Nidre, the familiar ancient melody chanted by the cantor to a hushed congregation, dates back 1500 years.

The Judgment of Life for another year is inscribed by God in the “Book of Life” while the Gates of Heaven are open to receive these prayers. It is traditional that all the Torahs are removed from the Ark by members of the Congregation, who encircle the cantor as he chants the Kol Nidre service.

The Kol Nidre painting portrays the Cantor, eyes to heaven, holding the Torah aloft, praying for forgiveness for all who have sinned… for another year of life and health.

Michel’s Inside Story:

“My experience as a choirboy at 9 years of age has left a very memorable impression that will never leave me.  For four years my brother Moshe and I were members of the Nathan Cooperman Choir, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  He was the selected choirmaster of the great cantor, Moishe Oysher.  This was an awesome experience, to stand a few feet from Cantor Oysher, on Yom Kippur eve, and accompany his heroic tenor to the tune of Kol Nidre.  Truly a never to be forgotten thrill of a lifetime — over 60 years ago…and I can still hear him now!”

— Michel