TitleElu D’varim
Item #P005
MediumLithograph and Black Serigraph
Limited Edition275 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W28.5” x 38.5”


“These Are Commandments…”

A striking mosaic of black lettering painted on a multi-color background presents a most meaningful prayer, recited by Jews for centuries in their morning services, that states the basic guide to Jewish ethics.

Elu D’varim is a list of commandments to be honored as a devotion to God, for which there is no limit, and an even longer list of deeds regarding man’s behavior towards his fellow man.  These commandments allow him to enjoy the fruits of satisfaction immediately, while reaping the “interest” in the hereafter.

Michel’s Inside Story:

“Having had, since early childhood, a passion for liturgical music, it was this prayer more than any other… a classic composition of the early 1900’s, as chanted by the Cantor Mordecai Hirschman, that filled my room, my mind, my very being… as I played the melody over and over again.  Never has music rung truer to the words… a magnificent plea of love, compassion, human involvement, concern.

For me, this entreaty from the ancient teachings of the Mishnah and Talmud is summed up in two of the deeds mentioned: Gemilat Chasadim, the practice of human kindness, and Talmud Torah, the search for knowledge.”

 — Michel