TitleAbsolut L’Chaim
Item #P001
Limited Edition770 and Artist’s Proofs
Dimensions H x W43” x 30”


In keeping with his mission to create awareness of “otiyot” (letters) as an art form, Michel fashioned the famous ABSOLUT vodka bottle silhouette in a dazzlingly colorful calligraphic work consisting of 340 “L’Chaim’s,” the Hebrew word for “To Life.”

Michel created this painting unsolicited and personally “sold” his idea to the Chairman of Seagram Importers for the Jewish holidays.  The painting was immediately adopted by ABSOLUT as part of its internationally successful advertising campaign, and ran in the NY Times Magazine, New York Magazine and New Yorker, among others.  The ad was used for three years before being “retired,” and the original painting is in the world-renowned ABSOLUT collection.

Limited edition prints and posters were created and sold to raise money for a Jewish charity. Only a few of the many hundreds of Absolut art ads have ever been published as art prints and sold for fund raisers.  We are proud to say “ABSOLUT L’CHAIM” was among the first.

We have a limited number of these beautiful signed lithographs available for sale, which were Michel’s Artist’s Proofs from the original print run.  No more will ever be available again.