“All of the paintings I ever created represent our heritage, culture and history. They are based on the Torah, Talmud, the sages, the great rabbis, poets, philosophers, who, through their writings and words of wisdom have expressed the thoughts and feelings beating in Jewish hearts for over 3000 years.”
Michel Schwartz

Michel’s inheritance of a rich Judaic tradition comes from both his parents, descendants of a long line of prominent rabbinical scholars. Michel’s parents and grandparents were born in Jerusalem and Tiberias, and members of his immediate family still reside in Jerusalem… an uninterrupted presence of over 170 years. Born in Catskill, New York, in 1926, where his father served as rabbi, Michel later studied at Yeshivot Toras Chayim, in Brooklyn, NY and Yaakov Yosef, on the lower east side of Manhattan.His artistic talent was recognized early by his family and teachers, and at the age of 13, after agreeing to continue his religious studies, he was enrolled in the New York School of Art and Design.At 14, as a student at “770” Eastern Parkway, Michel was recruited by Rabbi Schneerson, prior to his ascension to “Rebbe,” to illustrate a variety of Lubavitch publications. Michel’s personal experience with the Rebbe left a profound impression and respect for Lubavitch, which is expressed through his work to the present time. To Michel, “OTIYOT MACH’KIMOT” – “letters produce wisdom” – is the secret weapon that has aided the Jewish People’s survival for over 4000 years.

His unique talents are evidenced in his adeptness at creating paintings, sculpture, Judaica, jewelry, synagogue art, murals, tapestries, and much more employing the centrality of OTIYOT: Hebrew letters.

He is totally dedicated to enhancing the teachings of our Torah, Talmud and the great wisdom of our rabbis, scholars, sages and poets, through his unique art style.

His works may be seen in Israel in the President’s Residence, the Knesset, the Chagall Hall; Jerusalem City Hall; also the White House… and the private collections of numerous dignitaries, political personalities and celebrities, including Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Former Governor Mario Cuomo, Senator Charles Schumer, President Ronald Reagan and many others.

Michel has also created a series of paintings and sculptures commemorating the Holocaust, including the Holocaust Memorial in the Rapaport House, as well as the official posters on behalf of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Washington, DC, 1983, Philadelphia, 1985 and Miami, 1995. He has also created countless awards, honorariums and commemoratives for over 50 Jewish institutions, schools and organizations.

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